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Our Providers

Marigold welcomes individuals from diverse racial backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. Our team is LGBTQIA+ allied.


Rebecca Serfozo



Rebecca is a licensed therapist who helps clients on their journey of self-discovery and awareness. With five years of experience, she has worked with a diverse range of clients. Over time, her beliefs about therapy have evolved, and she now understands the importance of self-awareness and empowerment. Rebecca encourages her clients to develop the necessary skills to overcome any obstacles they may face. By challenging negative thoughts and providing a supportive framework, she assists in their personal growth. As Rebecca continues to grow as a therapist, she aims to learn and develop more skills to positively impact every client she works with.


"I am excited to meet you, get to know you, and support you on your journey."

Kate Nagy



Kate is an experienced practitioner who has been in the person-helping field for over a decade. She practices evidenced-based, trauma-informed techniques, including EMDR  to help regulate the mind and body, and by empowering her clients to utilize their strengths using complementary, grounding methods including mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. It is Kate's ultimate goal to support you through your journey by providing opportunities to process life's challenges within your window of comfort while providing a safe and welcoming space. 


Amy Vorisek

Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach 


Amy is a creative and dedicated health coach who has years  of experience in using motivational interviewing techniques to assist people in living healthier lives. She developed her passion for health and wellness while studying at Cleveland State and LCCC, where she took various courses on nutrition, physical activity, and neuroscience. In December 2019, she graduated from Cleveland State University with a BA in Psychology. After completing her studies, Amy practices as a health coach, where she applies her analytical and behavioral skills, along with her patience and empathy, to make a meaningful difference in her clients' health.


Seth Takacs



Seth Takacs is an experienced Master level Social Worker favoring the use of Cognitive behavioral therapy. Seth has experience working with adults in treating mental health and substance use disorders. Working in an outpatient setting, Seth has experience using remote therapy to promote change. Self-empowerment, self-care and self-awareness are ways he believes clients can instill changes in their lives. Seth has a passion for assisting others and challenging when needed. Seth believes in the importance of creating a therapeutic alliance.


Kaitlyn Cassidy

Founder, RYT


I founded Marigold after witnessing the gaps in mental health support and the lack of personalized care. I was inspired to create an accessible space that caters to individuals with diverse needs. Our goal here at Marigold is to offer a sanctuary where everyone, regardless of their background or challenges, can find solace and support.

The motivation to ensure everyone is content with their therapist stems from my belief that a strong therapeutic relationship is pivotal for positive outcomes. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, I aimed to build a practice where clients can confidently connect with empathetic and skilled professionals who genuinely aim to understand their unique circumstances.

By prioritizing the well-being of both clients and staff, our vision is to create a harmonious space where everyone can thrive on their journey towards mental and emotional wellness.

I am a registered yoga instructor with a passion for helping people find inner peace and strength through genuine connection, yoga and meditation.

Please, reach out with any questions or concerns, I'd be happy to connect. 

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